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Breath over lips, 

it captures my thoughts, 

chasing away a memory replacing it with a moment.  

In that breath, 

a lifetime exists with,

a thousand thoughts, 

a thousand breaths, 

a thousand memories, 

but with a word it could all dance to the floor as nothing but broken glass, 


the whisper spoken

 embraces it all 

as the breath over lips whispers 

I love you. 



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R71952 stands on the small bridge of her ship.  Holding control on a ship 500 years old, with a crew of random people who found her, challenging.  She looks st her crew, who would be such a fool, is there a stowaway on board?  All questions she asks herself, as they speed through the dark parts of space, looking for something they can only imagain, a safe harbor for reactors, or a facility to protect them.  She looks across the vast emptyness that is space, and realizes, anyone of them could have intended to kill her, or save her.  Only Tower was ruled out, but after being asleep for centuries, things change.  He could still be a danger, and she can trust no one.  She’s the relic and its not a comfortable chair to sit in.

Oh Love,


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Oh love, what grace you given me, when all else has turned away.  

Oh love, what beauty you have shown me when my eyes did fail to see.  

Oh love, what truth you have revealed to me, when all others speak in lies.

Oh love, what sadness you have carried me through, when my tears were just too much.

Oh love, what darkness you have lead me through, when I stumbled so lost.

Oh love, how could I survive without, when you are all I have.

Oh love, you are what makes life worth living, when the day is done.

Oh love, you are there, when all I need is love.

a breath awaits


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Sweep the shadows from my mind, those that seek to hold me in a darkness I can only feel; a breath awaits me in the moonlight, one so crisp and crystalized in the cold northern air.  I still my ever coursing mind, and push the darkness away.  There I stand shivering in the moonlight. When eyes that draw my gaze, I see the breath escape when his voice echoes to the moon. I smile to myself and howl beside him into the moon lit sky.



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Be calm, be patient and smart, the time is here when humans forget how to be human.  The ground is slick, icy, and in cases wet, the lines are hours long, but if we all remember to be kind and smart, we may get through the crazy with health, happiness, and kindness bestowed upon us, if only we bestow it unto others.  Please stay safe in the coming days.


can you see me?


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Can you?  

Can you see me hidding in the back, 

in the shadows about the room, 

that cling to the corners like webs of static lace.  

I don’t think you can.  

You see the light, 

the circus performing tricks, 

not the shadow, 

nor the puppeteer pulling strings.  

You see the stars in the sky, 

not the firefly.  

Well you must look to the corner, 

to the shadows, and into the dark.  

You must see, 

and I do mean see, 

see the firefly in the night, 

for  if you do not take the chance to see,

 you may never get another, 

and then 

you would be left just gazing at the stars.



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Thou art majestic, moon. You shine like a radiant beacon upon a crystalline sky.

As Orion shoots his arrows he spears the dark horizon that waits to be your bed upon the rising of the sun.

And yet you shine, moon, as the archer turns in time to direct his arsenal at you. Fearlessly you sit smiling in your curved embrace to catch the offending arrows.  Freeing for a moment, a night, the bull that lies in wait.

Oh, moon, I see you settle in your dark morning bed, and ask but that you do not sleep to long, for I fear another shall need your light upon the break of night.



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Once the group was on the ship R71952 turned to face Tower, “we need to talk”. Was the extent of her sentence, she faced Ptal-l’y, “get us out of here. We need a safe harbor to park for repairs, this place isn’t one of those.” 

“R7,” Dolin says, “Where’s the fire?”

R71952 looks at Dolin with crossed arms, using every ounce of control no to kill him, she speaks softly, defying her own impatience. “Did you want to die here?” Her voice laced in sarcasm, “if we stay, they will find me and I’m sure that wouldn’t be so good for you.”

“How would they know you were here?”. Dolin asks not backing down from her furry.

“Someone is on this ship who doesn’t want me to make it, sabotage.  It was sabotage, and I don’t take kindly to sabotage.  Now let’s get out of here before we are all caught… I’m sure I’m not the only one on this boat that would rather not be caught.”

“Eye, eye captain.”. Is all Dolin says.

“Tower a word!” R71952 says and walks into a private room off the bridge.

“You rang.”

“Who did it?  I know you have been in desperate need of connection, but if you did this just to get that connection, I will sacrifice this whole ship just to destroy you.”

“I didn’t do it, someone exposed you to a chemical that eroded your seventh junction processor, what you were planning wouldn’t have worked, they wanted you to go nuclear.”

“Fine, you give me the breakdown, you fixed it, but there was not time to do much more, but I know you ran an analysis.”

“Their chemical is DH319C.”

R71952 stilled, she knew too much about that chemical.  “Will it succeed?”

“I don’t know R7, I fixed what I could, but without the facilities and a thorough technology once over, I just don’t know.”

“Then you keep fixing, but no one finds out.  I know you didn’t do this, and I only know that because you know the risk to yourself, and I don’t think you would risk it all just to fix me.  I see the fear in your eyes, you didn’t do this. Now, how often do we need to connect?”

Tower sighed, calculating he speaks, “Every six hours to start, see if we can get ahead of the chemical, but I don’t know if that will save you.”

“It has to.”

oh, how i was blind


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I did not see the moon that night, though it hung like a cardboard prop, still I did not see it, for I was not there.  

I did not see the sun that dawn though it rose like a beacon in the sky, still I did not see it, for I was not there.  

I did not see you standing beyond my window that night, still I did not see it, for I was not there.  

I did not see the rain falling from the clouds, though it danced upon the wind as it poorer down, still I did not see it, for I was not there.  

I did not see our wedding day, though we tangoed in the rain, still I didn’t see it, for I was not there. 

But I was with you in that fog of love, and to all else oh how I was blind.